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Wap Mods Download Autoindex Script Free Download 2018

Wap Mods Download Autoindex Free Download

Wap Mods Download Autoindex

Wap Mods Download Autoindex All rights to this script belong to the author of the script! This site only distributes the script !!!
Administration is not responsible for the actions of the script!
Install at your own risk!

WapMob Downloads-center v1.02 (07.09.2007)

Supported Formats:
JPEG (preview, thumbnails, autoscaling for different screen sizes, marking with your logo).
GIF (preview, thumbnails).

Database is not required.

Example: http://emul.net.ru/downloads/

Access to the admin area:

admin /

Edit the file config_inc.php:

Change the variables:
$ admin_login = ‘Admin login’;
$ admin_password = ‘Admin Password’;

For root, s, cache, links folders, set the permissions to 0777.

img / mark128.gif
img / mark132.gif
img / mark176.gif
img / mark240.gif
it’s markers-logotypes (they are automatically inserted into the lower left corner when downloading a jpeg image, you can replace it with your logo or delete it if you do not need to mark it)

All folders and files are contained in the root folder.
Each folder can have an index.txt file that looks like this:

. = [section title] filename = [Display Name] filename2 = [Display Name 1] filename3 = [Display Name 2]

For example:

. = Sections
photo = Photo
sound = Sounds
video = Videos
animation = Animation
java = Java

If in index.txt write:

Arbitrary text = *

then this “Arbitrary text” will be displayed in the list (on a par with folders and files).
“Arbitrary text” can contain tags.

Add additional files to the ext folder.

For example, we have a file animation.gif + additional versions for other screen sizes:

ext / animation-1.gif
ext / animation-2.gif

Or we have a file video.3gp + additional format + gif-ka for the preview:

ext / video.avi
ext / video.gif

For Java

java.j // Description file

ext / java.gif // Screenshot (can also be jpg and png)
ext / java.jad // JAD
ext / jav.jar // JAR

// Additional versions for other models
ext / java-siemens.jad
ext / java_siemens.jar
ext / java-nokia.jad
ext / java_nokia.jar

For Symbian

symbian.s // Description file
ext / symbian.gif // Screenshot (can also be jpg and png)
ext / symbian.sis // SIS file (maybe * .sisx)

For Mophun

mobphun.m // Description file
ext / mophun.gif // Screenshot (can also be jpg and png)
ext / mophun.mpn // MPN file

If you have any questions, write to ICQ 287657904 (Alexander).

For Russian Apache:
Uncomment the line
#CharsetDisable On
in the .htaccess file

Enjoy wap mods download autoindex

Good luck!

A little pokovyryal script, here’s what I can say:
IMHO ator absolutely in vain did the admin in windows-1251, as well as something from the very load-center
And in general, an excellent script
Fixed previews from PNG to GIF
Removed the garbage from the archive (apparently, the hucksters sucked when this script was sold)
Added .htaccess and several pictures =)
Updated PclZIP
Rewrote CSS
Well, some minor fixes in the code


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